Letter to Jaellynn

January 18, 2012 § Leave a comment


I’m afraid I don’t have many answers for you.  Mother was not very forthcoming about her reasons for doing things the way she did.  I went to see her with Ellorian.  I don’t think she told him much either.  He was going to stay in Feathermoon Stronghold a few days, but they went to talk alone.  She came back without him, so I’m guessing it didn’t go so well.  She kept telling him he shouldn’t have come there.  He wasn’t dressed like he usually dresses, and didn’t look like a Highborne, so I don’t see what was wrong with him going there.  I haven’t written to him yet, but I will soon.

From what little I was able to talk to her, I don’t think she had any good reasons for letting us believe her to be dead.  She said she didn’t want to come home because there was always fighting.  I assume she meant between her and Kel, since that’s the only arguing I remember.  She blamed Kel for a lot of things, then asked me about my bows like nothing happened.

She wanted to talk to us more I think.  I’ll let you know if I find out anything when we see her again.

– Jaeyn


A Visitor

January 11, 2012 § 2 Comments

I received a letter from Terivanis a couple of days ago.  He said mother is still alive.  I didn’t tell Vass right away.  I’m pretty sure that if Terivanis is right, then she was the woman who shot Vass with a dart and called her a demon.  She kept calling me boy, and was really protective.  Her voice sounded so much the same as my mother’s.  I almost asked her to sing that song that she used to sing.  I forgot what it was called though.  She didn’t take off her cowl.  I wonder why she took it off for Terivanis?

Anyway I didn’t quite want to believe it.  If that was her, then she knew who I was.  The way she was acting, I’m sure she knew.  And Terivanis seems sure that it’s her.  So if she’s been alive, and her memory seems fine, then what has she been doing all this time?  Where has she been?  Why didn’t she come home?

I guess I’ll get to ask her since I had to tell Vass last night.  My father came to visit from Dalaran, and I told her then.  I thought maybe someone should tell him even though they weren’t really mates or anything.  I was worried he would be mad because I am a bit.  Not only about her disappearing for ten years, but also because my father didn’t even know about me.  She should have told him.  She should have told us who he was.

My father said he already knew she might be there.  He doesn’t seem mad.  He got a letter from her, but he was afraid it wasn’t real.  I think it probably is, unless Terivanis is playing jokes on everyone.

It’s not a very funny joke if he is.

We’re planning to go to Feathermoon tonight.  My father said he brought different clothes so the sentinels won’t glare at him too much.  I don’t know.  I don’t think he owns anything that isn’t shiny.

I’m a little worried about going there with him.  Not because he’s shiny, but because she’s my mother.  I have my own questions to ask, and maybe I won’t be able to if they’re making kissy faces at each other.


Letter to Ellorian

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Dear Father,

Do you really think the orbs are from Eldre’Thalas?  I would have written back sooner, but I visited you instead.  I forgot to ask about the orbs though.

You can visit here anytime.  It’s warm enough.  I swear.  We didn’t kill all the ogres, but they don’t come inside.  It’s safe, I swear.

Vass was attacked by a crazy woman in the woods.  It was in the forest.  Our home is completely safe.  I swear.




The Moonwell at Feathermoon Stronghold

December 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

Things were really weird last night.

Kel and Ornasse have moved to Feathermoon Stronghold.  Vass and I decided to go visit and see the baby.  He’s really cute.  Anyway I went on ahead while Vass finished feeding Sketch.  Kel was busy feeding Farahlor, but she told me she would bring him out to the moonwell in a bit.  I went there to wait for Vass and found two naked humans.  Another human, fully clothed, and a gnome were also there.  I think the gnome was trying to boil the water.  I don’t think that was really necessary.  Moonwell water may be diluted, but there’s still enough arcane energy in it to cause burns.  I don’t think it would happen with short exposure, but they looked like they had been in there quite a while.

I think they got mad because I laughed at them for not expecting people to notice them being naked in a public place.  The lady kept saying all she wanted was a relaxing bath alone with the guy.  She was insane.  I’m pretty sure of that!  The guy kept talking weird and swearing.  I didn’t make them get out.  I thought it was funny that they were in there though.

Then the guy said elves are sterile, and the woman thought that too, I guess, or we have such dismal birthrates that no babies are born.  They got really confusing.  I laughed some more, but by Elune, I was so glad when they left.

They claimed to know so much about elves, but one of them didn’t even know what a draenei was!  Vass showed up while they were there.  They were already mad at me.  I think the gnome, and other human wanted to get away from them as well.

Luckily, they were gone by the time Kel came out with Farahlor.  She would have said a lot more about it than I did.  I can’t believe all those sentinels weren’t doing anything about it.  Moonwells are not baths!  They’ll probably figure that out tomorrow when their tingling skin turns red.  I bet the sentinels were laughing at them too much to get them out.

Farahlor was sleeping when Kel first brought him out.  We talked about Terivanis and Jaellynn and how they’re jerks and how Kel thinks Terivanis is trying to not be a jerk, but at the same time doesn’t think he’ll change.

Farahlor woke up and Kel let Vass hold him.  He grabbed her tendrils.  He knows a good thing when he sees it!  I let him hold on to my finger so he wouldn’t grab her tendrils anymore.  He’s strong for a baby.  I bet he’ll be able to pull back a bow-string on a real bow in a few years.  Kel didn’t seem to like that idea.

Vass handed him to me, and he started crying.  I’m not that scary.  I think he was hungry again.  I gave him back to Kel and she gave him a bottle.  Then he pooped so we left.  Kel took him inside to change him and Vass and I slipped into one of the sentinel towers.  We fell asleep there.  That was kind of weird too, but I can sleep anywhere.


November 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dearest Sister,

Hi!  We got your package with the ogre dress.  The ogres here are really fat and the one we found that might be female didn’t like it because it didn’t fit her.  Can we get a bigger one?

Are you still pregnant or is the baby here yet?  When are you moving?  How is everything on Mount Hyjal?  Are the fire elementals gone yet?






Dear Ellorian,

Hi!  Can you make orbs yet?  We need them for the orcs.  I hope we can get some soon.  I’m sure someone in Dalaran must know how to do it.

How is Dalaran?  I’m sending some fish with this letter because you can’t live on wine and cheese!  That wouldn’t be any good for you, and all the fish in Dalaran are sickly ones from the fountain.  I don’t think the water is good with all the coins and magic stuff.

Will you come to visit any time soon?


Ogres on Ice

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We received packages from Phaa and Kelanori with the ogre hats and dresses.  It was really funny putting them on the ogres.  The one with the dress might not have been a girl. It got really mad about having a dress put on it.  It didn’t go all the way on so it was more like a necklace.  The hats didn’t stay on very well until we figured out how to shove them on better.  I don’t think they could see then, but they looked good.  We had to trap them first to get them to hold still enough to put them on.

We checked for orbs too.  The ogres we found didn’t have any.  I kicked them to make sure, but nothing fell out of any of their fat cracks.  I checked the back of their loincloths with a stick.  Vass wanted me to check the front, but I said no.  I told Dog to check, but she ran away.  She didn’t want to either!

We walked to where I’ve seen some wild hippogryphs before and they’re still there.  I showed Vass the males and the females.  They’re easier to tell apart than the ogres.  We walked to the small lake and I showed her the nest I found.  There’s an egg in it.  I think it’s great that we’re going to have hippogryph babies near.  The ogres better leave them alone!

We also saw a big white hippogryph.  I hadn’t seen him before, but he was checking on all the others.  He might be the leader.

I showed Vassanta the camp that I found in the hills.  There are some barrels and crates there as well as some sacks of grain and a cage.  There’s a cute little shelter there too.  No one has ever been there when I’ve gone to check, but we figure someone must live there.  We didn’t touch anything.  I don’t think they would mind us watching it for them while they’re gone.

Letter to Tathariel

November 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

(( Mailed with second boot, matching the first one.  It appears to have ogre shit on it. ))


You stink too.  I thought the boots would compliment your natural stench.

Obviously, you don’t need to apologize.  Obviously, you’re too good to.  Obviously, you’re too good to accept my apology as well.

Obviously, you’re too good for the likes of me.  You have never made a mistake.  You have never felt remorse.  Why would I want to move forward with someone as unforgiving and stubborn as you?

My brother may like you, but stay away from me, you psychotic wench.

– Jaeyn